Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Motorcycle Emptiness

As is the norm at the moment, not much happening at Before40 towers in terms of tasks completed. No rush, I've still got 874 days to go = 1 task a month.
The new house decorating is progressing somewhat slowly, and has become my current distraction. Every room has it's own unique challenge. The living room is virtually done. Spotlights have been installed (12 in total; that gives you a rough idea just how god damn big the living room is!), just a fireplace to go in & a bit of sanding & polishing on the parquet flooring.
Whilst that is going on, the wallpaper is off on the hallway (Well the downstairs part anyhow). That in itself has allready presented problems. Underneath the anaglypta wallpaper is lining paper. Under that is a layer of paint that is flaking off, & all needs to be scraped off bit by bit. 6 months work to finish the hallway decor is my early guesstimation.

Want to know the Best 80's T.V. programme?
&, definately the best T.V. theme tune? (IMO):-

Nailbiting stuff:-

Let's celebrate! - Mercury is no longer in Retrograde! (Ended Feb 18th) - Bet you all feel better now? Maybe I'll be cursed now? - I broke the rule of this that says "Do Not sign Any Contracts". Oops. I also sarted a new project during retrograde. Double Oops!
Loving this blog by the super talented Jem (From the band Frost) http://www.thenewcube.blogspot.com/ - Why can't all bands do this sort of thing?
Finally, a Quick hello to my friends over at www.before30.co.uk Go check 'em out.
I have now counted at least 40 x "Forty Before 40" lists/blogs on the net. Seems like Google loves me the best still though! - Type in "Forty Things to Do" or "Forty Before 40" or "The Big 40" or "40" & you'll find me there, right there waiting for you at the top of the listings. Go on, Come & find me!


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