Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road To Nowhere

So here we go again, the early 'pre' application was succesful & training for the BHF London To Brighton Bike Ride 2008 has begun in earnest. Event date - Sunday 15th June 2008.

I was in two minds whether or not to go for it again after last year, but i just gotta "Beat The Beacon" & so will be focused not only on getting to the finish line, but also climbing the Mother of all hills, Ditchling beacon without stopping to get off & walk (It's very, very steep).

You may also note the ridiculously early start time this year. Those in the know however would say "Well Done" - No issues with traffic & bunching up at junctions etc. me thinks.

Talking of all things 'Bike', here's me from a 1982 local press cutting (I'm the one in the middle with the dodgy blonde hair)

The guy doing the "Bunny Hop" is none other than Andy Ruffell - BMX Freestyle champion of the 80's era, & in a later life, founder of the MoBo Awards no less.
See more about him here
So just when am i going to complete another task......................?

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