Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Way I Are

......More apologies for not updating the site recently. I could list here many reasons why i've not been able to complete some more tasks recently, but that would make boring reading.
The main reason however would be the energy that moving into this place has taken out of me. It has all been worth it though as the peace & quiet here is something else!
I am currently writing from the new abode, again with illness (Man Flu). That means time of work, & a chance to update this!
2007 has definately been one for illness & aches:-
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Man Flu (x 2)
  • Wrist injury
  • Back Pain
  • Migraine (4 weeks!)
  • Sprained Ankle
On refelction it looks like i have spent half of the year in some sort of discomfort. What a waste!
So 2008 will have to be better!. The main cause of injurues = 5-a-side football, so that means i've obviously passed my peak & need to retire from the beautiful game! On the plus side, i've never been fitter than i am now, & my weight/diet is under stricter control than ever before!
I've had many emails from 'fans'? of the site, & it's been an inspiring pleasure reading these; I always try & respond where possible, so please keep the comments coming (Good & Bad).
The site also got a mention on a popular blog in Italy. Grazia.blog.it I tried to translate the site using the google translate service, but it made no sense to me. If anyone knows of the site, or can translate Italian into 'proper' English or indeed know of the blogger, please drop me a line!
I am getting loads of spam mail, not sure if that means i'm popular (likely), or i have been a little lazy in my filtering of such trash (unlikely)?
That reminds me:-
Saw a guy promoting his book on TV recently. It's all about his annoyance of spam emails & how he got revenge by "Spamming the Spammers" - Brilliant!. So if anyone is after a good Xmas gift idea for me this year here it is:-
Available at all good bookstores. & Amazon.com i'm told.

The 'Secret Website' Task continues to baffle all. If the truth be known, it hasn't quite worked out as expected, so plans are afoot to replace this back to a completely different task that was part of the original '40'. As alway's if you want to know where the website is email me (no Spam eh!) & i'll send you the link.

Updates on previous blog posts:-
Remember how I waffled on abouth the Wispa bar coming back to our shelves? (Wispa Blog) Well, they finally came out in October but it took me ages to finally source one locally. In November i got to taste one again having found them in a local newsagent. Brilliant. Had about ten of them since, but now i'm bored.

I had a "Top 10 Crisps" (Crisp Blog) blog where i told you all of my top 10 crisps of all time. Well i'm sad to say that No.10 in the list, the Pom Bear crisps have cheated us. Slightly.
There are less crisps in the packets now. Approx 30% less. My kids are quite upset by this. So am I.

In August's blog i mentioned Justin's site one red drawing pin & his ambition to trade up from a red drawing pin to something much more useful.
Well it seems he hasn't progressed very well. Not well at all. Done nothing. But it transpires the idea isn't that unique. Searching round the web, it seems there are quite a few similar themed sites. Looks like we're all out of unique idea's these days!
Talking of which - John Boileau, the main inspiration of the Before40 website has vanished! - He hasn't updated his thoroughly enjoyable beforethirty website for what seems a lifetime. Let's hope he's well & that we get an update soon. Email me if you know his whereabouts?

It's been a pleasure. Be safe this Xmas & see you in 2008 somewhere!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Purple Haze

With everything in my world at 100 MPH at the moment (House Move, Car change, Work projects, School Holidays etc.) it's very easy to forget what's been achieved over the past year since this whole Before 40 thing began. So let's take some time out & have a quick refresh......

Cycling/Fitness - Last September, i upgraded my 'daily' 2 mile ride to work & back to include a Sunday morning ride around my local village, approx 5 miles. I was so proud of my achievement! Each Sunday i would then cycle a little further. Then i brought a 'proper' bike. By Xmas i did my first 25 mile ride - Then completed the amazing & emotional London To Brighton Bike Ride under my target time 0f 4 hrs. 10 months on, I ride 75+ miles every week, and can manage a 100km sprint in under 4 hrs. The spare tyre round my waist has gone, belly is reducing, Bum is super toned & I've lost over 18lbs in weight & no longer use an inhaler. Generally, i feel a lot better & sharper mentally & quality of sleep has improved. Above all this I realise that cycling really is great for self esteem and motivation, it rewards the effort put in too. I have found an exercise i really enjoy.

Poo - The Colonic Hydrotherapy has help me discover that in fact i eat quite healthy after all & most of the time my Veggie poo is good poo. Even if it does stink a bit.

Eyes - As feared, i need to get glasses or lenses. Six months on from my test i still haven't sorted this. Will my sight get worse if i don't get this sorted?, or now I'm aware of the situation will i be able to strengthen my eyes & train them around the problem? We Will 'See'.

Hair - I have less of it now. Barbers are a thing of the past. Annual saving = £100 (35 pints of lager) as i simply shave it myself once a month. It feels quite liberating, I have one less routine to adhere to & I spend less time in front of the mirror = more time to watch TV/sleep/facebook etc. Most people have got used to it & the jokes have ceased.

Charity - Got a real sense of pride & achievement out of raising loadsa cash for charity on some of the tasks. Gonna make this a new feature of my life from now on, helping out others & raising cash for others more needy that me.

So - even if the task list ended now 3 years early, I feel that I've achieved so much mentally, physically & emotionally that it has all been worthwhile. That said, i don't plan to give it up & so watch this space for some more completed tasks coming soon!

Peace and love to everyone, no matter the colour of your nose!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

99 Red Balloons

Come across an interesting website recently; simple, but one of those great internet type ideas.
- It may not be original, But looks like a bit of fun.
So i've added my two penny's worth, so let's see how it goes from here. (& remember where you heard it first!).

Other news from Before 40 towers:-
  • Bust my ankle playing footy. Looks like the Bristol to London ride will be a no go, but there is another 100mile ride coming up in Sot'on in September! - www.tourpourlamer.com

  • Before 40 towers has been sold, & looking to relocate (After 14 years!) to a bigger place nearby (Let the stress begin!).

  • Planning the next task for September - Winchester Pub Crawl.

  • Weight loss task going very well.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do The Bartman

I have been turned into a Simpson!



Have a go too:-

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Careless 'Wispa'

Remember these:-
Well, Cadbury's stopped making them a few years ago (Shame on you) & replaced them with the far inferior Dairy Milk Bubble :-Well, there has been many online campaigns to "bring back the Wispa" such as these one's here:-

&, I am happy to reveal that Cadbury's have bowed to public pressure!!:-
Roll on Oct. 2007!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Run To The Hills

Took part in the London To Brighton Bike ride last Sunday (June 17th 2007).
After 8 months & 750 miles of training, & with a final practice run of 49 miles the Saturday before it was all systems GO! The training plan was completed to perfection.
Stayed in Clapham the night before after travelling up on the train. The EuroHotel Clapham served it's purpose - Cheap (£40 B&B), good location + I was allowed to keep my bike in the room.
Woke up at 06:00hrs, fuelled up & got to the start half an hour before my due start time of 07:00hrs. Thousands allready there & waiting. I got away "Officially" at 06:50hrs & felt rather chuffed at sneaking through whilst many were still waiting around from their planned earlier 06:00 hrs / 06:30 hrs starts. The weather was perfect. Cloudy & cool.
London was all stop/start due to the roads/roundabouts/junctions. Once out of London the ride become more & more enjoyable & the views more & more scenic. I seemed to manage & maintain a respectable pace, & looked on track to beat my goal of completing it (54 miles) in under 4 hours.
Took my first break at the top of Turner's Hill. Just a couple of minutes to sort the ipod (damn earphones!), snack & refuel. Then onwards & onwards. Overtook what seemed like hundreds of people (Check: It's a ride not a race!), the hills were great fun going down (43mph the fastest - got flashed by a speed camera in the process) & not too steep going up. Except for one.
I didn't "Beat the Beacon" :-( Ditchling Beacon must be about 1 mile long & is reached at the 47 mile point. I managed to get halfway up & then had a choice: Pass out, or get off & walk. Went for the walk & was absolutely gutted. Even more so when all the Mountain bikes i had overtaken along the way seemed to have no problem getting up with their super-low gearing (Note to self: Get better gearing next time!). But hey i wasn't alone. I would estimate about 2 in 10 actually made it up cycling without stopping. Must train harder next time!
The final descent into Brighton was the best. Super fast, & the excitment knowing that if i had to, i could walk the final few miles. No such worries in the end, just a few stop starts due to the busy demands of Brighton Traffic & then one last turn into the home straight. The sun started to shine & I got very emotional as the crowds lining the finish cheered & clapped. Holding back the tears i crossed the line in a very impressive 3hrs 41 mins (even if i say so myself - the "average" person completes the course in 7 hours - getting away early certainly avoids the congestion).
Recevied my medal, downed loads of water, got changed, had a smoothie & then cycled to Hove for my lift home!
A great Fathers day was topped off by a visit to the Chichester Pizza Hut. & stuffed myself silly to regain all those burned calories (1062) & fat (138g).
Managed to drag myself into work the next day, not too sore but just a bit physically drained.
1 week off the bike to recharge & then it's time to up the training regime ready for the Bristol to London ride on Sunday 26th August. 100 Miles.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two Pints of Lager & A Packet of Crisps please

Crisps - The best food invention ever bar none. I love crisps. I am a crispoholic. A typical Crispoholic eats upto 6 packs (1 multipack) in one sitting. My record is 12 packs in one day (& you wonder why i need to lose some weight?!)
In homage to my crisp fascination i have compiled here a list of my top 10 crisps of all time. Nothing more to say except please feel free to comment on your favourite crisp snack. No apologies for the amount of "Cheesy" type flavours! (Maybe a Cheeseoholics top 10 cheese list soon?)
1. - Marmite Crisps - Walkers got it spot on when they relaunched this popular crisp. After many years of doom & gloom, crispoholics everywhere rejoyced when supermarkets started re-stocking this ulitmate crisp flavour snack. Marmite - "You'll ever love it or hate it" as the advert says. I love it and for me this is THE ultimate bags of crisps. If only they would stock them in Waitrose or Somerfield too!
2. - Cheese & Onion Ringo's - A Childhood favourite, this "Low Calorie!" snack also disappeared from shelves for a while, but was welcomed back in the late 90's. Great shape & texture & a real oniony taste. A real plus was that Ringo's then & now always cost less than a normal pack of crisps. How great is that! The low calorie factor also meant you could eat twice as many! Unfortuately, Golden Wonder never launched the multipack version second time around. Shame.
3. - Cheese & Onion Disco's - Yet another childhood favourite that seemed to disappear from the shelves from the late 80's to late 90's. A real crisp crunch was the added bonus of the Disco crisp sensation, along with the perfect cheese & onion taste. I seem to recall some real tacky adverts that were used to promote these crisps in the early 80's. (Must look out for those on YouTube).

4. - B.B.Q. Beef Hula Hoops - A strange choice for a vegetarian you might think, but thanks to MSG & flavourings there is not one ounce of beef in these hoops. My earliest memory of these crisps was aged 9, & with a fasciantion with all things hula hoop so great i wrote a letter to KP expressing my complete & utter happiness in this new flavoured Hula Hoop. The result? - KP wrote back enclosing loads & loads of vouchers for free bags of the same! - Heaven!

5. - McCoy's Cheddar & Onion - WARNING! - These crisps make you fat! - This packet of crisps has the highest calorie & fat content on this list, but who cares when they taste so good!. This is not helped by the fact that there always seems to be an offer on at the supermarket for these crisps! - either 'Buy One Get One Free' Multipack or '12 for the price of 6' multipack. So faced with that choice, you're always going to select these at your shopping trip "Crisp Choice" time. The ultimate cheese & onion crisp in my opinion.
6. - Walkers Max Paprika - First got into the Paprika thing via the launch of Paprika flavoured Pringles. I'd never eaten Paprika knowingly until that point. So the 'Safe Spice' taste of Paprika married with my fascination of all things 'ridged' makes this crisp the perfect answer when in need of a crisp spice sensation. Quite hard to find these on the shelves nowadays, but fortunately there are many other alternative Paprika options.

7. - Salt & Vinegar Twirls -Available at petrol stations everywhere, this twirly snack became a favouite of mine during my years in sales when i would refuel my 'rep car' on a weekly basis. Great value snack (Almost twice the quantity of crisps for same price as a standard bag), low calorie & a great vinegary taste.
Also available in this value range from Redwood are "Onion Rings" - omitted from this list due to strength of other brands crisps.
8. - Cheese & Onion Square Crisps - I guess the novelty factor of being 'Square' as opposed to standard potato shape made these crisps a success. In my mind the bag & it's content always seemed small, so for me one bag was never enough. Still, these are available in Multipacks, so not really a problem.
A great crunchy crisp, old favourite & more cheesy than oniony. The ready salted version of these were my mum's favouite crisp of all time.
9. - Cheesy Wotsits - A kids favourite, and no doubt a favourite for chesse lovers everywhere. It's the crisp we all grew up with, & is like an old reliable friend. Probably one of the most famous crisps alongside standard ready salted, cheese & onion & salt & Vinegar potato crisps. Again, very light on the stomach so more than one bag is never enough. Fun thing you can to do with Wotsits? - combine them with Hula Hoops! feeding the wotsit through the hole in the Hula Hoop - Crisp Heaven!
10 - Cheese Quavers - Always popular & always on special offer in supermarkets. A good value, nice reliable cheesey snack that never fails to satisfy cheese desires. Very low calorie, & light. For me that means that 3 packets of quavers equates to a normal crisp fix. Fun alternative to crunching is to let the quaver dissolve in your mouth. Walkers experimented with alternative flavours for a while but nothing ever exceeded the original & best.
And For the Children of the new generation?
Pom Bear Crisps - Great light & fluffy snack that i steal from my children all the tme. Ready Salted is probably the most healthy option, but look out for the rare Tomato Ketchup version also. They also come in a "Grab" bag size which is brilliant for parents! - There is also multipacks of all varities. One for the future!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Waiting for a train

Just over a month to go until the London to Brighton Bike Ride 2007, & as i seem to get regular requests on training, preparation, sponsorship, well wishes etc. for the big day i thought i'd try & answer most questions here via my blog.
So to summarise, i am rider 09995 out of 27,000. The big day is Sunday 17th June.
I have been 'Fortunate' in getting a 07:00 hrs start. I say fortunate as from reading reviews of previous years events if you start any later than 08:00 hrs, the time it takes to complete the course can double due to crowding & accidents. So if all goes to plan i should be able to get away 1 hour after the official start time.
Training for the day has been going well. It all began back in October 2006 when i bought a new racing bike more suitable for the occasion. Now I have nothing against mountain bikes, but let's face it, they're designed for going down mountains; not 54 miles of tarmac on a hot summer's day. So my first tip would be - get a decent road bike! (Try ebay for a good second hand bargain).
What a difference it made. From struggling to manage 5 miles round the local town on my old Mountain bike i breeezed through 10 miles on my first attempt. This inspired me to go further each time until i found a great route totalling 25 miles that i have stuck to each weekend. I stick to this route for two reasons -
1. Safety (All left hand turns, quiet roads).
2. So that i can track & compare times to see improvement in fitness.
I have managed to get round this route in 1 hr 30, knocking 17 minutes off the time of my first attempt 5 months earlier. Great thing about the route is the amount of steep hills. Good practice for Ditchling Beacon, the nasty 1 mile steep hill just before the end of the ride.
As of May 2007, I have now extended this route to 30 miles, on my quest to get fitter & go faster!.
- See the route here on: Google Maps
I try also now to do two cycle training runs in a week, totaling 55 miles. Damn hard work but i am sensing a real benefit now to fitness & health levels & reduction of my beloved beer belly (lost a stone in weight since Christmas). On top of this i play five-a-side footy once a week just to top up the stamina levels.
So to summarise, tip two = practice at least twice a week, doubling your route at weekends when you are likely to have more time available. Also try to eat sensibly from now (less weight = more speed!), and cut down on the booze (it dehydrates you). All easier to write here than to actually carry out me thinks.
Preparation (i.e. non training)
So what other things do you need to remember?
Well, if you haven't actually applied to take part for the 2007 event, it's probably too late. (Check Here to check on the BHF website). You may be able to buy an entry on ebay?
Bike Service - Make sure your bike is in good health. Your local bike shop should be able to give it a good service under £20.00.
What to take? - Assuming it's going to be a warm hot day, remember sun block, Safety helmet, Shorts, fluids, energy bars, iPod, camera, phone & cash (just in case!). A spare inner-tube & pump is recommended, but i understand there are plenty of repair points around the course. If you havn't trained much, go to Asda or Halfords & buy a Gel saddle / saddle cover to stop your botty getting too sore!
How to get there? - tricky one this. If you live in London, you're sorted. Outside of London things are tricky. On the day, local trains will not allow cycles on board. The organisers lay on lorries to take you & your bike back to the start line at Clapham (if you drive to Brighton for you car to be there for you at the finish).
Me? - well, due to the early start i had a logistical nightmare to plan this one.
However, I have been fortunate enough to secure a room close to the start line at Clapham Common for £40.00 B&B (Not sure if i'll take the breaky in though). So my bike & i will take the train to Waterloo the day before, and as a bonus i won't need to wake any earlier than probably 06:00hrs.
My partner will then drive to Brighton on the day to meet some friends, & all being well pick me up at lunchtime & drive me home!.

On The Day
Drink lots of water (& eat sensibly the night before - Pasta is good apparently).
& above all cycle safely & really just enjoy it!
- I have set myself a target time of 4 hours. I am taking it seriously. Others, (rightly so) make it a fun day & take upto 9 hours! It's for Charity after all!!!!
Keep checking back here as i am going to post some links to other people's blogs with stories of previous years ride's.
If you would like to sponsor me, or check how my sponsorship total is progressing, click HERE

Other than that, i am looking to do the Action 100 mile London To Bristol bike ride in August!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

American Idiot

Someone sent me this great email re: Google maps:-

Go to google maps & click on the "Get Directions" Link.

Enter the directions 'From' NEW YORK & 'To' PARIS in the search box:-

Press "GET DIRECTIONS" & scroll done to LINE 24 of the "Directions".

The Result?

"Swim across the Atlantic Ocean" = 3,462 minutes

Try it? (the link silly, as swimming or driving across the Atlantic ocean is not recommended).

DISCLAIMER - No responsibility can be taken by Before40 if you are mad enough to attempt to swim the Atlantic ocean on the back of this blog, let alone in 3,462 minutes (57.7 hrs, 2.4 days). If you do manage it however, let me know & i will gve you a mention on this blog.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unfinished Sympathy

7 weeks on from what i thought was a cold, & here i sit, still suffering from laryngitis. A sore throat that won't go away. The doctor has now prescribed penicillin, but still no better.
On the plus side, i am back in training for the London To Brighton Bike Ride after a six week break due to the illness, so i guess i'm on the mend.
Due to the illness i have delayed the back wax task & the colonic irrigation task, but will try & get these done by early May. Then it's time to 'up' the cycling to get fit for the "L2B 2007". The plan is to put in at least 50 miles each week, up from the current 25. (Think of the London To Brighton bike ride as the "London Marathon" for cyclists!!).
5-a-side footy has begun again as well on a Monday. I hope that the illness, cycling & footy combined will kick in the "Loose some weight" task.
Other things going on in "Before40" land:-
A reply from TGI Fridays re: my Disaster visit to their Fareham Resturant. (Will post it here soon).
Over 200 "Friends" now on the Before 40 MySpace site.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fat Bottomed Girls

Great News! - My Entry for the 2007 London To Brighton Bike Ride is confirmed!
(Bit of an early start, but that should mean less traffic!).
- Click HERE to Sponsor Me!
On a more serious note, i am now into my forth week of Laryngitis which has therefore meant no exercise/cycle training for four weeks. Assuming a recovery is imminenet i would hope to resume training & up the ante for a midweek training ride of say 10-15 miles.
Other benefit of this nasty illness is weight loss! 7lbs so far.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shave to the Rhythm

12:05PM 16/03/2007 & all is calm. It's red nose day & over £400.00 has so far been pledged; it's time for the head shave.
The clippers have been purchased, the crowd is waiting & the obligitory red nose is in situ.
Location = A "Functional" workshop inside an industrial unit somewhere on an estate in Winchester, Winnall, UK.
Barber(s) = Lisa Finch (Secretary), Bob Thomas (Administrator).

- Five minutes later.
There is laughter. Lots of laughter. Cries of "Oh my God", "What have you done". Lisa is struggling to scalp me, & so hands over the clippers to veteran Bob "Razorhands" Thomas.
Cool as you like, Bob gets to work & calmly/cooly continues the hair excavation works.

No going back now!

& there you have it. Head shaved.

What do you think? - please leave me your comments

At time of writing, the amount pledges = £476.00.
So only £25.00 to go before the back wax becomes reality.
To view the current amount, & to Add your donation here

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm Too Sexy

So there we have it. 1 week ahead of schedule & the target is reached. In 7 days time i will have a bald head & become an honoury member of right said fred.
So far my good friend Simon is the highest donator, & the reward for his generous donation will be a journey to Winchester to do the shave in front of all my work collegues.
So whilst i contemplate a life of baldness, where to buy clippers, no more washing hair etc. i'm hoping the donations keep coming.
The next target is £500.00. & then it's a back wax too. (Click here for back wax task details)

To Sponsor me & Donate, click here:- SPONSOR ME HERE

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Charidee, innit

Got to thinking one day that with some of these tasks i should try & link to charity & raise as much cash for charity as possible:-

(Shave My Head, Parachute Jump, London to Brighton Bike Ride to name but a few)

So, here goes. The first charity one is gonna take place on Friday 16th March 2007
& here's why:-

So my Mission? - Shave my head - for charity.

£250.00 will make this task a reality. No Target, No Head shave.

I really hope you can support me in this task & help raise some cash for charity.

To Sponsor me, click here:-


If i hit the magic £500.00, I will also have a back wax!! (Click here for back wax task details)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blinded By The Light

Cor blimey govenor. Went for an eye test & 'look'!
Read all about it at: THE EYE TEST TASK!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I.O.U. Sunday's

TGI Fridays
Southampton Road
Park Gate

To Whom It May Concern

This is my first ever letter of complaint to you regarding the poor service at your restaurant. Thinking about it, i could probably write one for every visit I've made to a TGI Friday's 'restaurant', but yours got the short straw. (Wonder why I keep coming back then? - read on......).
I would like to outline a tale of poor customer service dished out by your staff at a visit to your Park Gate facility, Hampshire on Sun. 4th Feb. 2007.
I hadn't planned to visit your restaurant on this date, it was pure luck that I was nearby, passing through; unluckily for you (& them), I had my two young children with me. (Incidentally, parents with young children who are fortunate enough to eat out now & again have not much choice in 'Themed/Kids restaurants - TGI's, McDonalds, or a 'Hungry Horse' type place - I am happy to class TGI's as leader of this poor grouping).
I wished I had chosen McDonalds on this instance as they actually manage 9 times out of 10 to get both parents & kids served at the same time.
( - perhaps you could contact them to send some managers on work experience there?)
Question. Why would you send out a kids meal (Veggie Burger, Chips & Beans) out 25 mins before all other orders on the same bill? (On complaining, the 'Duty' manager suggested that we probably ordered this as a starter!) - Yes, that's right, my 5 year old daughter loves burger, chips & beans as a 'Starter'. I guess the fact that on our 'order' was missing her usual main course of rump steak, onion rings, extra fries + side dish of pasta followed by Knicker Bocker Glory might have misled your staff somewhat.
Worse still, people that came in much later than us were fortunate enough to be able to place an order, get served & finish their meal before ours finally turned up. I guess I must thank my lucky stars that the food was at least "Hot".
Some other things to moan about whilst I'm at it:-
  • Why is it not possible to combine kids meals with Kids cutlery? A steak knife for kids to eat pasta with is great entertainment for everyone i'm sure.
  • Balloons. Please don't tease young kids with balloons. It must be TGI's policy to have balloons, balloons in fact lot's of balloons. Everywhere. Young Children love balloons. Balloons are harmless. So if they ask for one, please assume that means 'NOW'. The manager (man "in charge") suggested that most kids who ask for balloons are quite happy to wait until leaving the restaurant.Really?
  • It was great to be able to complain to someone at the restaurant about our problems encountered. However, it would have been nicer still to have complained to someone who cared. In your defence, the complimentary 'Balloon Sculpturer' who came round just as we were leaving was a nice touch, & the balloon monkey & balloon flower are still inflated as I write. Please tell the "Sculpturer'to stick to balloon sculpturing though as his card tricks & jokes were appalling.
Sorry to nag. I love America. I love your food. Generally the service is OK. It's great that you provide a little drawing pack to keep my children occupied. God damn it, even the balloons add a little atmosphere. It's just that on this occasion it just didn't happen.

I sent you some feedback via the "www.tgifridays.co.uk/Contact-Us-About-A-Visit" web page, but have heard nothing.

Therefore I am resorting to sending the information you require via letter as I cannot seem to contact you any other way. Can I suggest that TGI's follow the rest of the free-thinking world and allow two-way communication via the medium of e-mail? I assure you it is much more effective than a link that doesn’t work.

Hopefully a voucher will be in the post very shortly for my family and I which takes in to consideration how much of a disappointment this visit was (including making me miss Dragon's Den whilst writing this letter. Although I can keep up through the www.bbc.co.uk website, it just isn’t the same, is it?).

Yours Sincerely

Paul Brewer

P.S. You may want my 'Check' number for the meal on said date to prove i am real. Obviously there was more than one Paul Brewer & Co. eating at table 85/1 on 12:45hrs - 14:14hrs with 3 family members on Sunday 4th February so if you weren’t able to look it up for yourselves, here you go:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Spocks Beard

1 months worth of 'Fluff'
Born: 22nd December 2006
End: 21st Jan 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Message

Happy New Year to everyone.
2007 is "Year of the Pig".......
So make those resolutions come true. (Mine? - to complete at least 12 tasks from my "to Do" List!)

- most of all - Keep Smiling, Keep Believing!