Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Way I Are

......More apologies for not updating the site recently. I could list here many reasons why i've not been able to complete some more tasks recently, but that would make boring reading.
The main reason however would be the energy that moving into this place has taken out of me. It has all been worth it though as the peace & quiet here is something else!
I am currently writing from the new abode, again with illness (Man Flu). That means time of work, & a chance to update this!
2007 has definately been one for illness & aches:-
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Man Flu (x 2)
  • Wrist injury
  • Back Pain
  • Migraine (4 weeks!)
  • Sprained Ankle
On refelction it looks like i have spent half of the year in some sort of discomfort. What a waste!
So 2008 will have to be better!. The main cause of injurues = 5-a-side football, so that means i've obviously passed my peak & need to retire from the beautiful game! On the plus side, i've never been fitter than i am now, & my weight/diet is under stricter control than ever before!
I've had many emails from 'fans'? of the site, & it's been an inspiring pleasure reading these; I always try & respond where possible, so please keep the comments coming (Good & Bad).
The site also got a mention on a popular blog in Italy. Grazia.blog.it I tried to translate the site using the google translate service, but it made no sense to me. If anyone knows of the site, or can translate Italian into 'proper' English or indeed know of the blogger, please drop me a line!
I am getting loads of spam mail, not sure if that means i'm popular (likely), or i have been a little lazy in my filtering of such trash (unlikely)?
That reminds me:-
Saw a guy promoting his book on TV recently. It's all about his annoyance of spam emails & how he got revenge by "Spamming the Spammers" - Brilliant!. So if anyone is after a good Xmas gift idea for me this year here it is:-
Available at all good bookstores. & Amazon.com i'm told.

The 'Secret Website' Task continues to baffle all. If the truth be known, it hasn't quite worked out as expected, so plans are afoot to replace this back to a completely different task that was part of the original '40'. As alway's if you want to know where the website is email me (no Spam eh!) & i'll send you the link.

Updates on previous blog posts:-
Remember how I waffled on abouth the Wispa bar coming back to our shelves? (Wispa Blog) Well, they finally came out in October but it took me ages to finally source one locally. In November i got to taste one again having found them in a local newsagent. Brilliant. Had about ten of them since, but now i'm bored.

I had a "Top 10 Crisps" (Crisp Blog) blog where i told you all of my top 10 crisps of all time. Well i'm sad to say that No.10 in the list, the Pom Bear crisps have cheated us. Slightly.
There are less crisps in the packets now. Approx 30% less. My kids are quite upset by this. So am I.

In August's blog i mentioned Justin's site one red drawing pin & his ambition to trade up from a red drawing pin to something much more useful.
Well it seems he hasn't progressed very well. Not well at all. Done nothing. But it transpires the idea isn't that unique. Searching round the web, it seems there are quite a few similar themed sites. Looks like we're all out of unique idea's these days!
Talking of which - John Boileau, the main inspiration of the Before40 website has vanished! - He hasn't updated his thoroughly enjoyable beforethirty website for what seems a lifetime. Let's hope he's well & that we get an update soon. Email me if you know his whereabouts?

It's been a pleasure. Be safe this Xmas & see you in 2008 somewhere!

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