Friday, July 28, 2006

'Pimp' My Task

I was thinking last night on how I can generate more visitors (& more publicity) for my site & then came up with a brainwave in the early hours of the following morning.
In summary, I am auctioning a task on ebay. The deal is that the successful winning bidder will be able to choose the next task; the amount bid will contribute towards (& hopefully fund) the task with any excess being donated to charity.
You can view the ebay auction HERE.
Not sure how it's going to go, and i'm a bit nervous as to what task will be selected.
Still, the next 10 days could be very exciting. Be sure to tell your friends & everyone you know!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Apprentice

One of my 40 tasks was going to be "apply to be in a Reality TV Show". Truth is, I had allready done this back in June when applying to be on the Hit BBC2 Programme The Apprentice, & as such did not think it right to include this in the list (Think i substituted it for the Appear in the audience of a live TV Show one instead).
Well, much to my horror I actually got an interview for the show, and ended up in Hammersmith on Saturday (22nd July) in the middle of a hotel meeting room being interviewed by a very 'feminine' chap by the name of Chris.
I was a bit frustrated anyway as they had kept me waiting for an hour (there was a fair few people there!). They asked the usual interview type questions - "Why do you want to work for Sir Alan", "What do you do to relax" etc. & it lasted for around 20 minutes.

Looking back, i think you need to go into these TV audition events with a kind of game plan, almost playing a kind of character; me? i just went in as 'myself' with no preparation at all!
Anyhow, i never made it through to the screen test, where as some others did. Chris advised me that if you don't hear back withion 10 days, you are not 'hired', so I think that is as far as it goes for this 'non-task'.
Maybe i could try & audition for Big Brother 8...............................?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Going Live

Finally got to release the website to the 'World' on Thursday, & emailed everyone i knew with a link on Friday14th.
There are still a few pages with blanks to be filled, but this should be done within a day or two.
I will also need to do a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to enable a good page rank on Google, and to get as many 'Hits' as Possible.
Then it's time to focus on the first task. My calculations show that to complete all Forty Tasks in Four Years = one task a month (allowing for Christmas, Holidays, Illness etc.). It would be easy just to pick off one of the easy ones such as Task 17, 26 , 32 but to make this project a success I think I should start with a 'Biggie'.
Watch this space for details of the First Task coming soon........

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to the Blog of

Well done, you've found my Blog!
This is the first of many postings, day before i officially 'go live' on Thursday 13th July.
Enjoy & feel free to add comments as you so desire!