Monday, July 17, 2006

Going Live

Finally got to release the website to the 'World' on Thursday, & emailed everyone i knew with a link on Friday14th.
There are still a few pages with blanks to be filled, but this should be done within a day or two.
I will also need to do a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to enable a good page rank on Google, and to get as many 'Hits' as Possible.
Then it's time to focus on the first task. My calculations show that to complete all Forty Tasks in Four Years = one task a month (allowing for Christmas, Holidays, Illness etc.). It would be easy just to pick off one of the easy ones such as Task 17, 26 , 32 but to make this project a success I think I should start with a 'Biggie'.
Watch this space for details of the First Task coming soon........

1 comment:

changeofhart said...

both yours and before30 have got me thinking - a cool way to involve your site surfers might be to offer then or encourage them to let you know how they have done against YOUR list - they might be able to help with logistics of you completing your tasks or give you some insider knowledge on some of them... just a thought?