Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Apprentice

One of my 40 tasks was going to be "apply to be in a Reality TV Show". Truth is, I had allready done this back in June when applying to be on the Hit BBC2 Programme The Apprentice, & as such did not think it right to include this in the list (Think i substituted it for the Appear in the audience of a live TV Show one instead).
Well, much to my horror I actually got an interview for the show, and ended up in Hammersmith on Saturday (22nd July) in the middle of a hotel meeting room being interviewed by a very 'feminine' chap by the name of Chris.
I was a bit frustrated anyway as they had kept me waiting for an hour (there was a fair few people there!). They asked the usual interview type questions - "Why do you want to work for Sir Alan", "What do you do to relax" etc. & it lasted for around 20 minutes.

Looking back, i think you need to go into these TV audition events with a kind of game plan, almost playing a kind of character; me? i just went in as 'myself' with no preparation at all!
Anyhow, i never made it through to the screen test, where as some others did. Chris advised me that if you don't hear back withion 10 days, you are not 'hired', so I think that is as far as it goes for this 'non-task'.
Maybe i could try & audition for Big Brother 8...............................?

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