Friday, August 24, 2007

Purple Haze

With everything in my world at 100 MPH at the moment (House Move, Car change, Work projects, School Holidays etc.) it's very easy to forget what's been achieved over the past year since this whole Before 40 thing began. So let's take some time out & have a quick refresh......

Cycling/Fitness - Last September, i upgraded my 'daily' 2 mile ride to work & back to include a Sunday morning ride around my local village, approx 5 miles. I was so proud of my achievement! Each Sunday i would then cycle a little further. Then i brought a 'proper' bike. By Xmas i did my first 25 mile ride - Then completed the amazing & emotional London To Brighton Bike Ride under my target time 0f 4 hrs. 10 months on, I ride 75+ miles every week, and can manage a 100km sprint in under 4 hrs. The spare tyre round my waist has gone, belly is reducing, Bum is super toned & I've lost over 18lbs in weight & no longer use an inhaler. Generally, i feel a lot better & sharper mentally & quality of sleep has improved. Above all this I realise that cycling really is great for self esteem and motivation, it rewards the effort put in too. I have found an exercise i really enjoy.

Poo - The Colonic Hydrotherapy has help me discover that in fact i eat quite healthy after all & most of the time my Veggie poo is good poo. Even if it does stink a bit.

Eyes - As feared, i need to get glasses or lenses. Six months on from my test i still haven't sorted this. Will my sight get worse if i don't get this sorted?, or now I'm aware of the situation will i be able to strengthen my eyes & train them around the problem? We Will 'See'.

Hair - I have less of it now. Barbers are a thing of the past. Annual saving = £100 (35 pints of lager) as i simply shave it myself once a month. It feels quite liberating, I have one less routine to adhere to & I spend less time in front of the mirror = more time to watch TV/sleep/facebook etc. Most people have got used to it & the jokes have ceased.

Charity - Got a real sense of pride & achievement out of raising loadsa cash for charity on some of the tasks. Gonna make this a new feature of my life from now on, helping out others & raising cash for others more needy that me.

So - even if the task list ended now 3 years early, I feel that I've achieved so much mentally, physically & emotionally that it has all been worthwhile. That said, i don't plan to give it up & so watch this space for some more completed tasks coming soon!

Peace and love to everyone, no matter the colour of your nose!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

99 Red Balloons

Come across an interesting website recently; simple, but one of those great internet type ideas.
- It may not be original, But looks like a bit of fun.
So i've added my two penny's worth, so let's see how it goes from here. (& remember where you heard it first!).

Other news from Before 40 towers:-
  • Bust my ankle playing footy. Looks like the Bristol to London ride will be a no go, but there is another 100mile ride coming up in Sot'on in September! -

  • Before 40 towers has been sold, & looking to relocate (After 14 years!) to a bigger place nearby (Let the stress begin!).

  • Planning the next task for September - Winchester Pub Crawl.

  • Weight loss task going very well.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do The Bartman

I have been turned into a Simpson!



Have a go too:-