Monday, February 11, 2008

I Predict A Riot

Well, if only i had a task as one of the 40 "Change my Job"!. After 17 and a bit long years i finally got out of the rut & got myself a new job. A big decision to make, but to move on & move forward definately the right one.
I'd been dreaming about handing my notice in for many months, and how i'd do it etc., but in the end once i'd received confirmation it was just a quick drive upto HO with a letter, a hastily arranged meeting with my boss, a quick explanation of why & where i'm off to & then drive back home. (Definately won't miss that horrible drive on the M3 & M25 motorway that's for sure.!)
I'd got an agreement/arangement that i would not announce the resignation until Tuesday 12th, as it would be best to announce it to all my reports (17 in all!) in one go.
So there is a prepared statement just waiting to be read.
The new job is back at the place where i started in 1986. Some say you should never go back, but 21 years on & now i go back as the big boss!
..........Just need to sort out this ridiculous 3 month notice period. I mean, just how do you keep focused in a job when your mind (& career) is somewhere else?

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