Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shave to the Rhythm

12:05PM 16/03/2007 & all is calm. It's red nose day & over £400.00 has so far been pledged; it's time for the head shave.
The clippers have been purchased, the crowd is waiting & the obligitory red nose is in situ.
Location = A "Functional" workshop inside an industrial unit somewhere on an estate in Winchester, Winnall, UK.
Barber(s) = Lisa Finch (Secretary), Bob Thomas (Administrator).

- Five minutes later.
There is laughter. Lots of laughter. Cries of "Oh my God", "What have you done". Lisa is struggling to scalp me, & so hands over the clippers to veteran Bob "Razorhands" Thomas.
Cool as you like, Bob gets to work & calmly/cooly continues the hair excavation works.

No going back now!

& there you have it. Head shaved.

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At time of writing, the amount pledges = £476.00.
So only £25.00 to go before the back wax becomes reality.
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