Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Great Recession stopped play (so at last I have an excuse!). Before 40 will therefore become "Before 50", and therefore there remains less pressure to cram 30 tasks into the remaining 18 months. There will be a new expiry date of 13th July 2020 posted on the site soon!
It would be inappropriate to carry out some of the tasks during this horrible crappy climate, but rest assured the affordable ones will get done soonest.
So, the plan is to freshen up the site a bit. Maybe a new logo? - I'm still getting 50+ hits a day, the site is Google friendly & high on rankings and searches. Lot's of people email me with nice comments (& bad ones!).
Also 'Vlogging' seems tobe the new 'Blogging', but it's not my style, so this Blog survives to see another day.
In the meantime, I think this clip needs a few more hits. Then maybe it'll get seen on Channel 4's "Rude Tube" or something. The one I posted on You Tube where I shave my head has had over 13,000 hits (Mainly thanks to the website?), so here goes:-

I'm Back!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm having to focus on "Things to Do" that don't cost any (or much) money. And its a good reason to put the list off til 50

Anonymous said...

sorry, my link to my site wasn't right the first time. You are on my blogroll, btw