Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have I Told You Lately?

So here we are at Half-Way point of the Before40 project. Just eight (and a half) tasks complete out of forty. Not good progress is it. Just 20 % of the way there & should really be 50 %.
- So i got to thinking about this, & looking at some options my current thinking is:

1. Turn into maybe something more honest like 'before40 (+1)' & if all tasks still not completed by 2011 then maybe extend it again into 'Before40 (+2)'? - If you match the time taken to complete the eight tasks so far, it is more likely to be 'Before50'!! in the year 2020.!!
2. Change the tasks. This would be a slightly more controversial choice as the whole point in a "to Do" list was for me to complete the 40 things that I'd always wanted to do! - Some, however are proving just to difficult to plan & organise. For instance, will the England football team ever qualify for a Tournament? + Laurence Stone is improving impossible to track down.
However some tasks that i have achieved i would've never believed I'd have completed! - i.e. the London to Brighton & "Meet Francis Dunnery tasks". Now, After completing L2B twice(!) I have applied for the 2009 London Marathon via the The Children's Trust. I no longer desire to stay awake 24hrs. Not sure I even want to go to Glastonbury now.
3. Abandon, or put the site on hold?

So is the Mid-Life Crisis at an end? - YOU DECIDE!

Other Stuff:-

- In Feb I changed jobs after 17 years in the same company. I went back as a Manager to the place where i completed my engineering apprenticeship in 1990. I started back full of happiness & with a good feeling but after 1 month I started to get doubts. After two months I hated it. But leaving my previous employer made me (& them) appreciate each other more & has enabled me to gain a promotion back there that may never have existed otherwise! So now i just think of it as a 'Lost Weekend' or a Four Month holiday!

- I want a Nintendo Wii

- It Bites have a new album out! - First new release in 18 Years. MEGA!

- Sky+ is quite good innit

- Training for the marathon to begin in August. I now own a pair of Nike's for the first time in my life. That means i am taking it seriously!

- I intend to start a campaign to ensure that the BBC use Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" as the theme tune to their Formula 1 coverage that starts back again on the beeb in 2009. Remember when they tried to change the "Match of the Day" theme tune?

I'll post here again soon. Promise

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