Friday, September 01, 2006

All Change

I like Change. Change Is Good,
Change Is Fun.
So I have Changed A Task

Somewhere on the good old 'www', 'internet', 'The Web', 'The Net' etc is this new task.
It is a task in progress, but deemed 'unacceptable' or 'inappropriate' to host on the main site.
So I have called this task - 'The Secret Task'
It's a VERY BIG challenge & needs your help, your friends help, in fact it's gonna need a lot of help. But it is achievable.
- & It should be fun watching it's progress.
The Task itself when complete will be very 'Pleasureable' (Now there's a clue!).
So go on 'The Net' & have a search - (Think 'Keywords' of this site).
Can't find it? - Then search again.
(If you are desperate to know, email me & as long as you agree to participate, I will email you the link!)
Found it Yet?

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