Saturday, September 17, 2016

One in Ten

Happy Blog Birthday to me!

Been a while (again) eh! - The blog & former website now 10 years old! Who'd have believed it. However, the main website in it's old format is no more! The domain name remains, and that's it here. this blog. THIS IS IT!
I will somehow try & retrieve the old pages of the completed tasks in due course, and post them here, the most permanent of homes.

No more tasks completed since the last update here some 2 (ahem) years ago. So 10 years on, the list is still only 50% complete!
I recently got to thinking though - what would the 'To Do' list look like now if I were to turn back time, compile a list for the first time, yet with 10 years more knowledge, experiences & hindsight?
So, here is a new, more upto date 'To Do' list (with the completed tasks left in).
Maybe this should be the list to aim for? I'll have a think......

1. - Grow A Beard - DONE
2. - Give Colonic Irrigation A Go - DONE
3. - Go On The London To Brighton Annual Bike Ride - DONE
4. - Shave My Head - DONE
5. - Eat In A Jamie Oliver Fifteen Restuarant - DONE
6. - Bet £100 On One Colour At Roulette In A Casino - DONE
7. - Make a Vegetarian Lasagne From Scratch - DONE
8. - Meet My Hero Francis Dunnery For A Chat - DONE
9. - Have a Complete Back Wax - DONE

10. - Be Able to Watch Saints F.C. From A Hospitality Suite - DONE
11. - Lose Some Weight (sorry, A Lot Of Weight!) - DONE
12. - Get Myself an Eye Test - DONE
13. - Go To The Summer Solstace At Stonehenge - DONE
14. - Join A Yoga Class - DONE
15. - Run the London Marathon - DONE
16. - Put All My C.D.'s Onto My PC & iPod - DONE
17. - Buy Some Shares, Or Part Of A Company - DONE
18. - Make A Will - DONE
19. - Invite 40 People I Know to Brewfest 2010 (My 40th B/Day) - DONE

20. - LeJog (Cycle from Lands End to John 'o Groats)
21. - Retire Early
22. - Get Married (again)
23. - Move to Brighton/Hove
24. - Write a Book
25. - Visit The Far East
26. - Obtain a copy of 'The Lost Weekend' (Book)
27. - Learn a new skill
28. - Do something different on Christmas Day
29. - Break at least one bad habit 
30. - Compile a list of 40 (qty) 'Forty before 40' blogs (Am certain mine was 1st!)
31. - Volunteer for Charity Work
32. - Goto Holi, The Festival of colours (in India)
33. - See the Northern Lights
34. - Climb a Mountain (Kilimanjaro)

Would/will still like to do these:-
35. - Go On A SkyDive
36. - Fly In A Hot Air Balloon 
37. - A Weekend Away In New York
38. - Drive A Porsche 911 Sportscar (Modern, Not Vintage!)
39. - Join The Revellers At Glastonbury Festival
40. - Visit Amsterdam & Eat A 'Cake

So, these therefore would/will be no more:
Spend A Weekend In A Health Club - (1 day is enough!)
Skinny Dip In The Sea Or A Lake Somewhere (Just Boring now really)
Be Hypnotised To Cure A Phobia (Don't actually have any, except spiders)
Watch TV For A Whole 24hrs Without Leaving The Room (I like sleep too much!)

Ski On Real Snow In The Alps (dunno, just can't see it happening)
Watch An Opera In London Town (Actually can't believe i had this on here)

Be In A 'Live' T.V. Audience (Is there any good live tv shows anymore?)
Have A Real Tattoo Done Somewhere On My Body (Look gross on older people)
Watch England Play Football At A Tournament Final (Can't deal with the heartbreak!)
Visit the Lake District & Cumbria (It'll happen, but so many places to visit)
Complete A Pub Crawl Of All Winchester's 32 Pubs (I drink responsibly now)

Queue Up And Watch A Match At Wimbledon (Not so into tennis these days)
Track Down My Old Friend Laurence Stone (Have tried, and failed)
Go & See A Real Life Formula One Grand Prix (Has become uber boring)
Learn A Language (Just haven't got the brainpower for this anymore)

Whilst researching & 're-compiling' the list, I viewed many other 'To-Do's' & bucket lists and realised just how lucky I am to have completed so many great tasks & challenges in my time thus far, many of those not even listed here.
So here's to continuing in the same vein!

See you soon!

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