Monday, October 08, 2012

Will you?

6 (six) years on from the start of the 'to do' list things are still happening & tasks are being completed. Two (2) this year alone!! Alas, I thought it only right to share these with you now.
There is a chance therefore that all 40 tasks could be done before i'm fifty. '40 before Fifty' if you like.

So, first up was No.39 'Make a Will'.....
This happened back in March. On the advice of the bank manager bizarrely. Anyone who's made a will knows how daunting & thought provoking this can be. 'Who would look after the kids', 'Who gets what', where to be buried/cremated.
So after a good little think I went along to my local solicitors and met up with the friendly chap there who specialises in this as a living.
Various forms filled out, questions asked and approx half an hour later I leave his office minus £125 for his trouble. 1 week later I return to mull over the draft, sign it & that's it - the will is complete.
So should anything nasty happen a solicitor somewhere in Chandlers Ford has a copy of my Will.
Easy & not so difficult as feared TBH.

Done yours yet?

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