Wednesday, October 25, 2006

China Crisis

I thought it might be a good time to mention a bit more about the 'Mid-Life Crisis' side of life. After-all, I'm in the middle of one, & the is dedicated to me getting out of it & safely to the other side!
Francis Dunnery is still on his House concert tour (Now re-named the 'Mid-life crisis tour' ironically) and a local newspaper recently had an interview with him in which he spoke about his theory of it all (A Mid-life Crisis):-

"It's something that happens to all of us," he says. "It starts at about 35 and ends at about 42. It's when who you think you are gets killed by who you really are. You get absolutely devastated. It kills your confidence. For some of us it means divorce. For some of us it means starting a whole new career. But in the great British tradition, nobody talks about it."

That summed it up quite nicely for me.
Some Psychologists do not recognise the 'condition' & merely put it down to depression / stress / tiredness etc.
What do you think...............?

Another task done this week, thats three in 3 months, so i'm on track for the full 40 to be completed in 4 years!
I have also uploaded my task list onto two similar type sites (= More exposure for me!) -
Go on, have a look.

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